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PostSubject: Troops   Troops Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 10:58 pm

Well I am a small village indeed but I have built up on my defences big time. My troop count is double my pop. and in abou another 100 troops it will be 3 times my population size. I do not mean to brag and say that haha I have good defenses because in actuality its not. I've been hit with waves in the 10k troop range in other servers. I learned how to prepare defenses. But here I really been like a simcity player for the past week just building troops and upgrading crops. Its easier to defend one city then having to defend two of my own. Well I just wanted to offer a fraction of my troops to someone who is being attacked. If someone else is willing to coordinate the defenses then I would be glad to assist my alliance to the best of my ability.
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