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 Nightcrawler_35 attacked CAM111 - 15-2-8

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Nightcrawler_35 attacked CAM111 - 15-2-8 Empty
PostSubject: Nightcrawler_35 attacked CAM111 - 15-2-8   Nightcrawler_35 attacked CAM111 - 15-2-8 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 10:21 am

CAM111 got struck hard last night. I'll be re-inforcing his village for now.

Can people nearby (Antish, Grendal) have a look at what we can do - I'll msg you guys

Plex, - Any ideas for diplomacy?

Thanks TREV
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Nightcrawler_35 attacked CAM111 - 15-2-8
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